Can An Employer Be Sued For An Employee's Work Injury?


When an employee is injured at work, the usual course of action to take to get medical benefits and financial compensation is to file a workers' compensation claim. However, if you were injured due to unsafe working conditions, you might have other options available to you that could result in an increase in what you receive for your injuries. Before filing your workers' comp claim, here is what you need to know.

21 December 2015

3 Tips For Settling Your Automobile Accident Case At Mediation


Being involved in an accident can be a difficult time. The challenges of dealing with an injury and dealing with damage to your vehicle can simply be overwhelming. It's likely that you may need to take legal action against the other driver to assist in fully recovering all of your financial losses. There are many steps to this type of legal action, and one of these will involve attending mediation. This process is required by law and involves both the plaintiff and the defendant meeting with a mediator to attempt to settle the case.

11 December 2015

Birth Control Pill Failure: Medical Malpractice Or Product Liability


It's a pretty well-known fact that birth control pills aren't 100-percent effective. Even when taken religiously according to the manufacturer's instructions, the failure rate for these pills is between 0.3 and 9 percent. However, user error isn't always the cause of unintended pregnancies. Sometimes the fault lies with the doctor or the manufacturer; the issue here, though, is determining whether you have a medical malpractice or a product liability case. Here's what you need to know to make the right determination for your situation.

24 November 2015

Avoiding Truck Accidents: Tips For Sharing The Road With Semis


Each year, there are thousands of fatalities as a result of truck accidents. And many of these accidents are totally avoidable. All drivers on the road--truck drivers and traditional drivers alike--have a responsibility to share the road as safely as possible. Unfortunately, not all drivers know the proper guidelines to follow while sharing the road with semi trucks. Specifically, there are a few safety tips that ought to be kept in mind that could help to cut down on instances of truck accidents nationwide.

12 November 2015

4 Things NOT To Do After Getting Into An Auto Accident


Nobody ever thinks they're going to be involved in a car accident, but it happens to more than two million people across the United States each year. As such, it's a good idea for all drivers to not only know what steps to follow after a car accident, but to know about some specific mistakes that need to be avoided. By doing so, you can get past your auto accident and get on with your life.

30 October 2015

Were You Bitten By A Dog? Follow These 5 Steps


Being bitten by a dog may be an accident, but the dog's owner will be responsible for the injury you sustained. That's why it's important to follow these 5 steps to make sure you receive compensation for your injury and that the dog's owner is held responsible. Get Contact Information From The Dog's Owner Finding out who the dog's owner is will be very important since they will be responsible for paying your medical bills.

20 October 2015

How To Win Compensation For Whiplash


If you have whiplash after a vehicle accident and need treatment, then you need to contact a truck accident lawyer to recover damages. Whiplash occurs from an impact that causes your head to jerk back and forward. It is also an injury that can have long term effects and rack up a lot of medical bills. Read on to find out how to win compensation for this injury. Seek Medical Attention

9 October 2015

Employees Who May Not Be Covered By Workers' Compensation


Workers' compensation caters to employees who are injured on the job. However, there are some employees who may not benefit from workers' compensation, even if they are injured while carrying out their normal work functions. For example, you may not benefit from workers' compensation if: Your Employer Isn't Required to Have the Insurance Not all employers are required to buy workers' compensation insurance. Your state's laws determine the criteria for determining who should purchase the insurance.

29 September 2015

3 Steps To Take After Receiving A Denial For Long-Term Disability Benefits


If your claim for long-term disability was denied, you have the option of appealing the decision. The appeals process can take time and patience, but there is a good chance that you and your attorney can get the insurance company's decision overturned. Here are some tips to help you be successful in your appeal.  Review the Denial Letter Before submitting the paperwork necessary to start the appeals process, you need to understand exactly why your application was denied.

13 September 2015

What Has To Be Proven To Hold A Caregiver Responsible For An Accident?


In some cases, accidents are unavoidable. However, in cases involving children under a caregiver's guidance, there is a possibility that more could have been done to keep the child safe. If your child was injured in an accident and you believe the caregiver is at fault, you can potentially take action: Did the Caregiver Take Responsibility for Your Child? To hold the caregiver liable for your child's injuries, you have to show that the person was given the responsibility of taking care of the child.

5 August 2015