Dealing with Accident Recovery: Tips and Strategies for the Injured

Hi! My name is Sam, and I started this blog to help other injured people. Before you start reading, let me tell you a little about myself. Ten years ago, I slipped on a slice of fruit in a grocery store. My leg slid out from under me, and in a freak twist, it was rendered useless. I could no longer work and struggled with intense pain every day. Luckily, I found an accident and injury attorney who was able to get me the compensation I needed to cover my medical bills and my lost time at work. However, while I waited for the settlement to come through, I had to get creative physically and financially. This blog is dedicated to anyone who is in that limbo position. I hope the posts here help you decide what to do while you wait for the results of your trial.

3 Tips For Settling Your Automobile Accident Case At Mediation


Being involved in an accident can be a difficult time. The challenges of dealing with an injury and dealing with damage to your vehicle can simply be overwhelming. It's likely that you may need to take legal action against the other driver to assist in fully recovering all of your financial losses. There are many steps to this type of legal action, and one of these will involve attending mediation. This process is required by law and involves both the plaintiff and the defendant meeting with a mediator to attempt to settle the case. By knowing some specific tips to help you achieve this goal, you may be able to be reimbursed for your losses sooner.  

Tip #1: Know your numbers

One way to help you recover your losses from the collision is by having a report prepared that lists the individual costs of your accident. By having these costs listed out and the written documentation listed below to prove your losses, you may have a better possibility of settling the case:

1. Auto repairs – Take the time to get a report from your auto mechanic about what it will cost to repair fully your vehicle or replace it if it's a total loss.

2. Medical bills – You will want to have all the receipts for any medical expenses you were forced to pay because of the accident.

3. Lost wages – One of the significant problems that come with being injured includes being unable to work. These losses can add up, and you should get a letter from your employer stating the amount of your lost income.

Tip #2: Choose the right mediator

It's important to select a mediator who is trained and certified to mediate your case. By choosing a professional in this area, you will have a much higher chance of getting the legal issue resolved surrounding your accident case.

Many mediators are retired attorneys or judges that have a lot of experience with legal disputes.

Tip #3: Be willing to compromise

It's critical to the outcome of your case to attend the mediation with an open mind and the desire to get the case settled. You should be willing to compromise to some extent if you want to end the legal dispute sooner rather than going through a long and drawn out court battle that can be costly.

Keep in mind if the case does go to trial, your attorney could receive up to 40% of the amount of your compensation.

The benefits of settling your case outside of the courtroom are many. Some of these include being able to save money and have the peace of mind in ending the dispute. Be sure to rely on the expertise of your personal injury attorney to assist you with mediation.


11 December 2015