Dealing with Accident Recovery: Tips and Strategies for the Injured

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Avoiding Truck Accidents: Tips For Sharing The Road With Semis


Each year, there are thousands of fatalities as a result of truck accidents. And many of these accidents are totally avoidable. All drivers on the road--truck drivers and traditional drivers alike--have a responsibility to share the road as safely as possible. Unfortunately, not all drivers know the proper guidelines to follow while sharing the road with semi trucks. Specifically, there are a few safety tips that ought to be kept in mind that could help to cut down on instances of truck accidents nationwide.

Pulling Out in Front of a Truck

Due to their massive size and weight, semi trucks require a much longer stopping distance in order to brake or come to a complete stop. Therefore, if you're pulling out in front of a semi truck, make sure that there's plenty of space for you to accelerate so that you can catch up with the flow of traffic. This applies not only when pulling out in front of a semi, but even merging in front of one on the freeway.

Avoiding Truckers' Blind Spots

Trucks have several blind spots due to their large size, so you should be aware of these and avoid them as much as possible while driving. Despite the large and numerous mirrors that today's semi trucks are equipped with, there are still certain areas where a trucker may not be able to see you. This includes if you're directly behind the truck or far enough back on either side of the truck to where you can't see their mirrors. Avoid lingering in these areas at all costs.

Using Headlights Properly

When driving behind a semi truck, you shouldn't use your brights. Unfortunately, if you use your brights directly behind a semi truck, the beams of the lights can reflect off the truck's mirrors and cause a glaring, blinding effect to you or other drivers around you. 

Handling a Truck's Wide Turn

When behind a truck that's attempting to make a right turn, never attempt to duck around the truck on the shoulder or in the right turn lane in order to pass. This is a cause of so many truck accidents each year and it's completely avoidable. Because trucks make wide turns, this type of driving behavior can easily cause an accident. Instead, if you see that a truck is trying to turn right, stop and wait for the truck to complete its turn. Patience is a virtue.

For additional reading and information, try visiting the websites of truck accident attorneys and local regulatory agencies in your area.


12 November 2015