Dealing with Accident Recovery: Tips and Strategies for the Injured

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3 Costly Errors You Should Never Make After Being Bitten By A Dog


A dog can attack you even without doing anything provocative. Such a situation warrants compensation, especially if you can prove that the dog owner was negligent or reckless. However, dog bite cases are complex, and a single mistake can ruin your chances of getting justice. Therefore, you may want to avoid anything that would weaken your case and reduce your settlement. This article highlights three costly errors you should avoid by all means possible. 

Failing to Take Photos of Your Injuries

Naturally, the marks caused by the dog bites will disappear after a while, making it challenging to substantiate your claim. Besides, the dog owner might allege that your injuries weren't caused by their dog if you take too long to file the case. For these reasons, taking photos of your injuries immediately after the accident is advisable, and documenting the healing process as well. Ensure that all the scars and disfigurements are visible to prove that a dog inflicted your injuries. Such evidence will strengthen your case.

Failing to Document Different Events

You require enough information about the accident to prove that you suffered an injustice. In that regard, it is advisable to jot down the events of the attack while they're still fresh in your mind. Then, note down the daily agony and suffering you undergo due to the injury.

In addition, you need to preserve your medical records, receipts, and reports from the authorities. Also, ensure that you note down the type of dog that injured you, the name of the dog owner, their contact information, and witness statements. Having sufficient evidence gives you the upper hand in the case. 

Failing to Get Legal Assistance

A dog bite can cause permanent injury or disfigurement. Therefore, you need to get comprehensive treatment immediately after the accident to prevent complications in the future. Typically, the dog owner's insurance company will contact you to get information about the incident and offer you a settlement. 

With so much going on at that moment, it is easy to give implicating information to the insurer. Therefore, hiring a dog bite lawyer is advisable since they will handle the case for you. They will take it over as you concentrate on treatment. 

The errors above can make you fail to find justice after getting bitten by a dog. You can avoid them by working with a personal injury law attorney since they have previously handled dog bite cases. They will guide you through the legal processes, ensuring that you take the right steps to boost your odds of winning.

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17 June 2022