Dealing with Accident Recovery: Tips and Strategies for the Injured

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Why Your Truck Accident Might Have Been Caused By The Truck Driver Shortage


The United States has a trucker shortage. As a result, the truckers who are on the road are often pressured to make more deliveries and to make them more quickly. While there are many reputable companies out there, others encourage their drivers to be negligent. If you are injured after your vehicle was hit by a commercial truck, this might be the reason why.

Why Truck Driving Positions are Difficult to Fill

Fewer Americans are entering the trucking profession because of lifestyle changes and the fact that the profession is very dangerous. As older drivers retire, there are more inexperienced truck drivers on the road. Many are lured by sign-on bonuses and quit after a relatively short period to enter other professions.

Due to the lack of qualified drivers, you might find yourself in an accident with a careless truck driver who may have collided with you due to inexperience or due to the fact that they are overworked.

Some Drivers Are Very Inexperienced

Even if a truck driver knows how to properly operate the 18-wheeler, they may still be unable to make last-minute decisions effectively, such as when a tire blows or when the truck starts sliding on ice. Truck driving safety laws are put in place to reduce the odds that truck drivers will cause accidents on the road due to the slower reaction time that comes from being exhausted. 

Even if the driver made an honest mistake that resulted from inexperience, they will still be responsible for your accident. The driver or the company that hired them should be covered by a commercial truck insurance policy that will pay for your medical bills and other expenses.

Some Employers Look the Other Way When Hiring

There are prohibitions on who can drive a truck. A driver is expected to meet certain health requirements. Also, a driver is expected to pass a drug test and shouldn't have prior moving violations on their record. Any driver who has been charged previously with a DUI is prohibited from operating a commercial vehicle.

The insurance provider of the truck driver might contact you and offer a quick settlement if they know that the driver is definitely liable. Under these circumstances, you will want to be patient and wait until you have recovered and your truck accident attorney has finished their investigation. Then, you will be able to pursue a much higher settlement.


29 December 2021