Dealing with Accident Recovery: Tips and Strategies for the Injured

Hi! My name is Sam, and I started this blog to help other injured people. Before you start reading, let me tell you a little about myself. Ten years ago, I slipped on a slice of fruit in a grocery store. My leg slid out from under me, and in a freak twist, it was rendered useless. I could no longer work and struggled with intense pain every day. Luckily, I found an accident and injury attorney who was able to get me the compensation I needed to cover my medical bills and my lost time at work. However, while I waited for the settlement to come through, I had to get creative physically and financially. This blog is dedicated to anyone who is in that limbo position. I hope the posts here help you decide what to do while you wait for the results of your trial.

3 Things You Need To Do At The Scene Of A Fender-Bender


Each year, some 2 million motorists are injured or disabled in car accidents on U.S. roadways. Some victims are unable to access the financial compensation they are entitled to without the help of a skilled car accident attorneyIn order to ensure that your lawyer will have the ammunition needed to win a personal injury lawsuit, here are three things you should be doing at the scene of every fender-bender.

1. Exchange Insurance Information

It is essential that you obtain the insurance information of the driver responsible for causing the fender-bender. While some motorists believe that when both parties agree to resolve any costs incurred without involving an insurance company that no information is needed, obtaining a policy number for the responsible driver could be beneficial should you ever need to file a lawsuit.

If you never receive payment from the driver at fault in a fender-bender, you can use the insurance information you gather on the scene of the accident to locate the driver and take the necessary legal steps.

2. Take Pictures

Thanks to advancements in wireless phone technology, almost every driver has access to a quality digital camera through their cellular telephone. Snapping a few pictures at the scene of the accident could prove beneficial should you ever need to take your claim to a court of law.

Pictures leave little room to dispute the facts surrounding your fender-bender; the snapshots you take right after an accident could serve as the evidence an attorney needs to help you gain access to the financial compensation you are entitled to.

3. Provide A Full And Accurate Statement To The Police

Police reports are often entered into evidence when car accident claims are filed. You will want to ensure that your attorney has the best chance possible of winning a potential case by providing a full and accurate statement to the police.

Give the police officer taking your statement as many details as possible, including the speed and direction at which you were traveling and the angle at which your vehicle was hit. Providing details on the scene of a fender-bender while they are fresh in your mind will ensure that an accurate description of the accident can be recalled in court at a later date.

If you are unable to access the financial compensation another driver owes you for causing a fender-bender, you will need the help of an attorney to take the driver to court. Ensuring that you gather insurance information, take pictures, and provide a descriptive statement at the scene of the accident will help give your attorney the firepower he or she needs to win your case in the future.


13 February 2015